Car Accidents

Injuries that are caused by the conduct of other drivers are known as “damages” which may entitle an injured party to compensation.

Negligent Security

A business must ensure reasonable precautions to safeguard the safety of its customers.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall incidents are a type of premises liability action which occurs after someone slips on a “foreign and fluid” liquid or object.

Wrongful Death

Arguably one of the most tragic types of negligence cases include wrongful death.
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Each year, hundreds of thousands of people in Florida are injured because of someone else’s negligence. Many of these injured individuals are forced to live with their pain, miss work, and face a mountain of medical bills.

305 Injury is Miami’s Premier Personal Injury Firm that handles personal injury cases throughout the State of Florida. Attorney Carlos Dominguez believes in treating each of his clients as if they were family. Your case is not a number to us.

Our fee schedule is simple: We don’t get paid until you win. We will forward the costs and expenses required to prosecute your case and achieve the best result.

Automobile Accidents
Slip and Fall
Trip and Fall
Wrongful Death
Products Liability
Negligent Security
Negligent Hiring and Retention
Dog Bite Cases

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Attorney Carlos Dominguez understands what it takes to win. Carlos has a strong litigation background and has personally handled cases from inception all the way to a successful verdict. Our formula is simple: maximize your results by exerting the most pressure against the insurance companies to emphasis the value of your case. Carlos has extensive trial experience and he is not afraid to battle against the insurance companies until you receive the compensation you deserve. The professionals at 305 Injury are dedicated to offering high-tech and state of the art services all while providing personalized attention, strong legal experience, and a heavy emphasis on attention-to-detail.


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